What is Client Analytics?

We have developed a client analytics tool that works to empower employers and trustees by making it easy to turn data and insights into actions that will benefit their members.

We understand that you need a simple, efficient way to stay on top of the activity within your pension schemes. We understand the necessity to see trends in real time, and have the ability to act on this information quickly. We understand the want to have a user-intuitive tool – one that is easy to navigate, segment, and analyse, so that you can spot any concerns and opportunities in a timely manner. And we understand that at the heart of all this, sits the need to drive better outcomes for your members, and their future financial wellbeing. So that’s what we’ve built. A platform that empowers. A platform that enables. For the benefit of all.

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How does Client Analytics work?

You will access member data in a dashboard style format accessible alongside your current Standard Life pension administration platform.

Data protection of members is of paramount concern which is why personally identifiable data is removed and then all data is aggregated to prevent individual member identification. To this end we have also introduced a minimum cohort filter size of 10.

Through the use of dynamic filters you can segment your members based on a range of metrics, for example:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Pension value

This will enable you to cut through the vast amount of data that is held within your pension schemes to focus in on specific behaviours and trends across different groups of members.

This is the first joint development we have undertaken with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) as part of our enlarged partnership and will be made available across all product types and be released on a phased basis. We plan to continually review the Client Analytics tool based on your feedback to further enhance the features and functionality available, so please use the feedback option within the application to share your thoughts on how the tool can be improved.

What's new

Recent enhancements to the tool:

Industry Benchmarking - our benchmarking information is now also available by industry sector. You can now use Client Analytics to view your scheme data against a benchmark of other companies within the same industry.

Export to excel – The data from each chart you have created can be exported to excel. You can do this by clicking this icon: export icon

How does Client Analytics help?

  • It provides information to help develop your understanding of your member behaviours
  • It can help you increase member engagement by improving the relevancy and timing of your communications based on insight
  • It can help reduce messaging costs by communicating to members in the manner they are most likely to respond to

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