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With simple to use segmentation filters, you can easily see how certain groups of scheme members are engaging with their pension. Using user-friendly charts, graphs and models, employers and trustees can identify where any concern areas and opportunities sit, and plan action points accordingly.

Take action

Standard Life have a suite of communication material that specifically fit in with any insights that might be generated through the client analytics tool to ensure there is a clear pathway towards action. So whether you need to increase engagement, encourage members to save more, or raise awareness for single-payment top-ups and the benefits they can have, Standard Life can help.

We have ready-to-go support material to ensure there is a simple and straight-forward way to turn your insight into action. Once actions have been taken, it’s easy to track progress against benchmarks, and monitor how objectives are being achieved.

Access Client Analytics

Need help logging into Client Analytics? Read our guide.

Using Client Analytics in practise – case studies

For our first case study we are looking at the engagement levels of younger employees in a scheme.

The age filter was applied to select those 24 and under and the results analysed by engagement levels produced the following results:

Case study 1 - engagement levels of younger employees infographic

This is in itself is interesting to see the lack of engagement within this demographic but what can we do to improve this?

Letting employees know about the different tools available for them to learn more about the benefit they have is really key to engagement and making them feel in control of shaping the future they want.

If this was your employee results you may want to do some general promotion on building awareness and understanding and our material can support this. It maybe that you want to encourage this population to engage digitally with their pension and promotion of the mobile app is something we can support with or a combination of the two.

Based on data insights a consideration might be that you use our short and engaging bite sized videos on how a pension works and the mobile app to engage with this audience.

Standard Life mobile app

Pensions explained video

For our next case study we looked at the membership approaching retirement. The data insight from the analytics tool showed a large population approaching retirement.

Case Study 2 – members approaching retirement infographic

As a population we now have more flexibility than ever in the way we retire and a linear approach where individuals worked for several years in a single job before retiring is less likely. We have developed campaigns that gets employees thinking about all their options, and information which will be helpful in making the right choices for them.

We have a series of promotional e-cards for those working remotely or for those in the workplace we have posters and flyers to support your chosen campaign. It maybe that a video works well for your members and we have a series that bring the story to life.

You can access our full Ready to go campaign catalogue online or to find out more about how Standard Life can support you please speak to your usual Standard Life contact.