Communicate with our help

You want the best for your employees. You also want them to feel confident about their future and make sure they know enough about their plan to make informed decisions about their workplace pension along the way.

56°, Standard Life’s in-house marketing consultancy, can help engage your employees in effective and innovative ways. They can help you create a strategy that makes it easier for employees to find out more about their pension, understand their benefits and take positive steps.

How we support you and your employees

Ready to go campaigns

Over the years, we’ve refined our workplace communications to make sure they are engaging and helpful to your employees. We’ve created a wide range of insightful messaging for you to use, which covers the main areas of workplace pensions, when your employees need them most – whether they are just starting to save or are getting close to retirement.

Here’s a sample of what you can expect:

These campaigns are easy to order and are free. You can browse the full catalogue of options here.

Once you see a campaign option you like, you can fill in the order form at


Managing your money on the go campaigns

As a reminder, you can use our poster (CIAB2PO) and our flyer (CIAB2FL) to encourage your employees to download the Standard Life app to manage their workplace pension at a time and place that suits them. We’ve also created a handy video to show you all of the features your employees can access through the app:

Bespoke campaigns

56° can work closely with you to develop bespoke communications campaigns. This can help if you want to get specific messages across to your employees. 56° can help you in lots of different ways:


Member profiling

We'll use granular data on your employees to help make fact-based decisions about communication strategy


Communication strategy

We relish getting to grips with complex communication challenges


Planning and project management

End to end planning, production, analysis, measurement and evaluation of what works best for your business


Marketing and communication methods

Website and multimedia, video and animation, email marketing and direct mail, face to face presentations*, retirement roadshows, webinars, newsletters and brochures, events, total reward communications


Creative services

All sorts of design, branding, photography, illustration and print

*These contain helpful information and a chance for employees to ask questions in person. Contact the Face-to-Face Engagement team for more information by emailing: or by contacting your relationship manager.

Want to know more?

To find out more about 56° and how they can help you just email or by contacting your relationship manager. It’s worth being aware that, as with any email you send, there is no guarantee that any email you send will be received or will not have been tampered with. You should not send personal details by email.

Charges may apply.