A contract-based defined contribution (DC) pension scheme is based on contributions from employers and employees. We offer industry-recognised pensions that may be the right solution for you.

Picking the right type of pension for you and your employees is important. We understand that different employers and their employees have different needs. That's why we offer two contract-based pensions - the Group Flexible Retirement Plan (GFRP) and the Group Self Invested Personal Pension (GSIPP).

Our GFRP offers your employees flexibility, control and investment choice. If your employees need even more choice and flexibility with their investments, you may want to think about our GSIPP.

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Benefits of our contract-based pensions

Easy to manage
We’ll set you up with a dedicated online administration platform, so that it’s simple for you to set up your pension scheme and manage everything in one place.

Engaged employees
You can count on us to keep in touch with your employees to help them stay engaged, value the workplace pension you provide and feel positive about their future finances.

Stay in control
Your employees can make changes to their investment choices at any time. Even the most complex investment choices are simple for employees to manage using our online servicing.

Online employee dashboard and mobile app
Employees can easily register for our online dashboard to view and manage their pension. They can do this through our online servicing and our mobile app.

Always compliant
We’ll do all the necessary reporting and supply the information needed to keep your workplace pension compliant with pension regulations for employers.

Easily transferred
If your employees leave, their plan will be converted to a personal pension and they can choose to transfer this into their new employer's pension or leave it as a personal pension.

A seamless journey
We’ll get your scheme set up and running smoothly. We’ll work with you to pinpoint your particular needs, plan the transition and also keep you updated on the latest pension news.

Why choose a GFRP?

Investment choice
Employees who don't want to stay in the default lifestyle profile option can choose another lifestyle profile that prepares their pension for how they're planning to take their money in the future. Or they can pick individual funds from leading fund managers, covering different asset classes, investment styles, risk levels and regions.

Upgrading is easy
If you have employees who might benefit from a wider range of investment options (subject to extra charges), you can upgrade your scheme to a GSIPP. You can find out more about our GSIPP below.

Why choose a GSIPP?

Wider investment choice
One of the biggest benefits of our GSIPP is that your employees can select from thousands of funds, stocks and shares, and other investments.

Value for money
Your employees only pay for the features they use. For example, if they choose to invest in stocks and shares there may be additional charges for administration and transactions.

What are the costs for GFRP and GSIPP?

Charges will vary, as an example depending on services provided and investments selected. Contact us on the number below for more information.

Investment options

Whether you choose a contract-based or trust-based pension, investment decisions play a huge part in good outcomes for your employees. We offer a range of high-quality investment options managed by experts. Or if you're looking for investment options that meet specific requirements, and your scheme meets certain criteria, we offer some customised options, including:

  • customised defaults and lifestyle profiles - tailored to your employees' needs
  • selected fund ranges - a shortlist of funds to keep things simpler for your employees
  • blended funds - blend together funds from our range to create funds that are customised for your employees' needs (additional charges may apply)

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2020 Workplace Pension - Standard Life GFRP Gold medal award winner.
2020 Auto-enrolment - Standard Life GFRP Gold medal award winner.

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