Information you'll need to get your quote

There are a few bits of information you’ll need handy to generate your personalised quote then complete your application.

  • Information about your company – the full company name, contact details and who's applying
  • Details of your workforce e.g. how many of them are there, how often they are paid, and how much
  • The contribution level you want to pay (there’s some help with this in the application)

What's in the report

Before you complete your application you’ll see a report which gives a personalised summary of some of the key information about how auto-enrolment will affect you. It’s easy to complete your application once you’ve read your report. Here’s what’s included:

  • How much both employer and employee contributions will cost
  • A little information about our default investment option, and the other options that will be available to your employees once you’ve set up
  • Why we think our solution is a good choice to help achieve good outcomes for your employees

Ready to get your quote and report?

Get your quote, read the report and complete the application to set up a new Group Flexible Retirement Plan (GFRP) scheme with Standard Life Assurance Limited.

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