What will your workplace pension cost?

Our quick quote gives you an idea of what a Standard Life workplace pension will cost.

Why choose Standard Life

By choosing Standard Life we believe you’ll be selecting one of the best workplace pension schemes on the market. We have the experience to support both you, with your auto-enrolment duties, and your employees’ best interests long term.

What is included?

  • One of the market's leading pension funds focused on positive employee outcomes
  • Ongoing actively managed low risk market leading investments
  • Access to our online service and UK based support team to help you administer your scheme
  • Employee engagement support and interactive tools to help employees plan for their financial futures

If you would like to find out more about why you should choose Standard Life for your workplace pension, you can find out more about why we think we are a good choice for you here.

Our quote and apply journey

There are three steps to our online quote and application process.

1. Get a quote

This will take 2 minutes to complete. You will need to enter your:

  • Applicant details
  • Workforce details
You'll then receive a quote summary and have the option to edit your quote, start a new quote, or apply.

2. Complete your application

This will take 5 minutes to set up the framework of your scheme. You will need to:

  • Complete company details
  • Enter basic payroll details
  • Set up a direct debit
  • Review and submit your application
You’ll then receive a confirmation email and nominated administrator(s) will be invited to register for the online administration platform.

3. Administer your scheme

By this stage you will have access to our online services where you’ll upload all of your employee data, assess your workforce, join members and complete the payment process.