Additional services

Imagine you could find a smarter way of working. A single solution that does everything you need. When we work together, that's exactly what you get.

Standard Life serves you as a central hub and we have the capabilities to do everything you might need, all under one roof.

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Additional support for you

Our solution isn't just about an award-winning workplace pension. We also bring together our best people, benefit solutions and engagement expertise alongside all the capabilities you need to help deliver the best results for your business and your employees.

Employee benefits solutions

Our in-house team of consultants is specialised in developing flexible benefits strategies. Our goal is to help you with making the design of your benefits as simple and engaging as possible to support employee take-up.

We can help you create, implement and administrate reward strategies that maximise impact for your employees and your business.

Using our technology, you can deliver a range of solutions that can grow and adapt to your needs.

Consultancy services provided by Vebnet and regulated benefits sourced by Standard Life Client Management.

Employee engagement consultancy

Ongoing communications help your employees understand and value their workplace pension. It's not a nice-to-have, it makes a difference to your people.

56°, our in-house Marketing Consultancy, are here to help people have the right information to make informed decisions throughout their entire savings journey and into retirement. All to help them achieve their retirement goals.

And it can make a difference to you too - by helping to improve the perceived value of the benefits you provide and increase your return on investment.