Why choose Standard Life for your Workplace Pension

The workplace pension scheme you choose is a major part of your employees’ benefits package. So you need to select a provider who has the experience to support you and your employees long term. Let us show you why we’re a good choice.

  • Why us

Choosing a workplace pension is going to be one of the biggest decisions your business will make. We want to explain why we think we are a good choice for you.

Some key things to consider

  • What does a good pension scheme look like for you?
  • What about your employees; what do you think they're looking for?
  • Are you getting a pension simply because you have to, or do you want to set up a scheme that offers a quality workplace benefit?
  • What happens when things go wrong; how easy is it going to be to get help?

What we can offer you

Let's talk about what you need first

  • A choice of flexible investment solutions that give your people confidence to save more
  • A well respected, experienced provider managing over 35,000 schemes to date
  • Hassle free and fast online scheme set up
  • Simple, easy administration that frees up your time
  • UK based phone support and help guides
  • Guidance and support for your employees, to help them make the right decision
  • Employee engagement support
  • Great interactive tools to help employees plan for their financial futures

We've helped over 10,600 employers and 1,500,000 new customers through auto-enrolment.

What can we offer your employees

  • Access to a full range of investment options once they're enrolled
  • Easy to manage their pension online
  • Tools and guides online to help them understand their finances
  • Access to full retirement flexibility

In 2017, 73% of employees were contributing to a company pension scheme, up from 47% in 2012.

www.yourmoney.com, 09/05/2018

A range of investment options to meet your and your people’s needs

People can lack confidence to make financial decisions. And misconceptions around investments or falls in the value of their pension savings could become a barrier to them saving more into their pension.

Our default investment options are designed to help people feel confident to save more. You can choose from a range of active and passive growth options. You can also choose differing levels of risk and a variety of glidepath destinations - from annuitisation to drawdown - to suit the needs of your people.

We recognise though that post pension freedoms a default is less likely to be able to meet the needs of all your people. So choice is also important. However, providing lots of investment choices that people may not understand is unlikely to help. We offer a range of options designed and arranged to help your people get what they want or need from their pension savings.

As with any investment, the value can go down as well as up, and your employees may get back less than paid in.

93% of our customers stay in their pension after auto-enrolment

Our summary of Why Standard Life?

  • Our online set-up process is easy and hassle free
  • You'll get a dedicated online management platform to manage your scheme with UK based phone support
  • We can provide all your mandatory employee communications
  • Your employees will be in total control of their pension online with access to a range of investment options
  • Your employees have access to full flexibility at retirement

We believe that this all adds up to the best workplace pension scheme on the market.

Ready to set up a workplace pension scheme?

To see how much your workplace pension scheme is likely to cost, you can get a quote right now.