Employee benefits solutions

Looking for a benefits package for your employees? Our award winning solution - Lifelens - can help.

What Lifelens brings to your business

  • Easy to use
  • Works seamlessly with your payroll and HR systems - reducing admin costs and overheads
  • Fully compliant with the new auto-enrolment duties

What Lifelens includes

  • Benefits consultancy - putting the right package in place and measuring its success
  • Workplace savings solutions - one-stop pension, investment and retirement solutions
  • Communications consultancy - helping employees to value your work pension scheme and benefits
  • Benefits helpdesk - freeing you up to focus on the right things
  • Outsourced admin - reduce your costs and make your money go further

How Lifelens supports auto-enrolment

  • Workplace pensions solutions – source the right scheme for you and support for your members, and connect with the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) if appropriate
  • Clear communications – get access to interactive online resources and printed materials that simply explain auto-enrolment rules and how pensions work to your employees
  • Automatic alerts − Lifelens flags up employees eligible for auto-enrolment, and for re-enrolment after three years, and gives you payroll reports

How Lifelens helps your employees

  • Dedicated Lifelens website − members can view and manage everything to do with their benefits and savings via a personalised portal
  • Staying informed − members can access useful information and educational materials to support them to make sound decisions
  • Handy tools – members can use tools like our pension contribution calculator to help shape their long-term plans

Vebnet partner success

We drew on the insights and expertise of Vebnet, part of the Standard Life group, to create Lifelens.

Many global names already benefit from our award-winning expertise. BNP Paribas, entered into the Employee Benefits Awards 2015 by Vebnet, scooped five top prizes. Best alignment of benefits to business strategy and best benefits communications (large employer) were among the wins.

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