Late for auto-enrolment?

Some providers aren’t able to help if you have missed your staging date. But, it's easy to get back on track with our help.

    Are you late for auto-enrolment?

    The Pensions Regulator writes to each employer with their staging date. Within six weeks of your staging date, you should have:

    • Chosen a workplace pension that meets legal requirements
    • Assessed your employees to find out who is eligible
    • Written to and auto-enrolled (or postponed) eligible employees
    • Be paying-in contributions

    If you haven’t done all of the above six weeks after your staging date, you are running late for auto-enrolment and could face fines and/or legal action from the regulator. So it’s important to put things right as quickly as you can.

    Download our recovery plan

    Missing your staging date becomes a bigger problem the longer you leave it so the key is to get back on track as quickly as possible. There’s a lot to think about and do, depending on how late you are. But don’t worry, we can help.

    Download our handy recovery plan to find out how to:

    • Check your staging date
    • Check if postponement is an option
    • Let the regulator know you’re running late
    • Work out who is eligible
    • Work out what late staging means for your contributions
    • Tell employees you have missed you staging date
    • Complete your declaration of compliance

    Get back on track

    We can help you to put a qualifying workplace pension scheme in place.

    • Our workplace pension is award winning
    • Our online tool can help you to work out who to enrol
    • We can help with the mandatory employee communications you’ll need to make
    • You can do everything online
    • Our expert support is available at every step

    We know how precious your time is, especially when you’re running late, which is why it only takes a few minutes to get a personalised quote.