Upgrading an existing Standard Life scheme

Find out everything you need about upgrading to qualified scheme here.

Reasons you might consider upgrading your scheme

We want to make your journey through auto-enrolment as easy as possible and our 'upgrade' option is designed to make it as stress free as possible for you whether you chose to use an adviser or not.

There is a simple online journey that you follow, all done using your existing login details for Group Pension Zone. Simply enter your staging date and you will be guided through the process from there.

You're already a valued client of Standard Life and we want to ensure that your workplace pension is compliant and meets the requirements set out by the legislation. Upgrading your scheme means that we can guide you through these unprecedented changes moving to a much more scalable and online solution.

The new pension freedoms also allow employees to have much greater freedom when it comes to their retirement options and our Group Flexible Retirement plans (GFRP) gives employees simpler access to all of these options.

It's quick, easy and allows you to be ready for auto-enrolment hassle free.

Why upgrade your scheme

Upgrading your existing scheme allows you to ensure that you are meeting all of the auto-enrolment requirements and ensures that you offer your employees access to a workplace pension which is required by legislation.

We’re offering you our flagship product which is well placed to help deal with further legislative change, it’s the same product offered to our largest FTSE100 clients and Standard Life’s own staff.

You will not only benefit from our latest proposition that we’re continually innovating but also benefit from the on-going investment into our workplace pensions.

This is a product that works for all members – it has a strong default investment with flexible fund choices and access to the full range of retirement income options via a simple transfer.

There is no impact on existing members plans and their old plans will simply be made paid up and will remain invested in the same funds as before under the old scheme.

Our GFRP is award winning, Standard Life was named Best Group Pension Provider three years in a row at the Corporate Adviser Awards in 2016, 2015 and 2014.

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Why we’re a good choice for your auto-enrolment solution

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Our summary of upgrading your scheme

If you need to upgrade your existing Standard Life pension scheme to comply with the new auto-enrolment pension legislation, you’ll find everything you need about setting up your qualifying scheme on this page.

Upgrade your scheme