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Find out what we stand for and why we think that makes us the perfect partner for your business.

These things matter to us and we think they will matter to you as well.

People matter

Employees are key to any business. Our success is based on experienced, long serving staff who care about the service they provide.

We want to help you meet your duties, control your costs, and attract and retain quality staff

We are a Living Wage Employer logoWe’re a Living Wage employer – investing in the people who are the backbone of our business and the key to creating a great experience for our customers.

Thinking ahead

Businesses constantly have to adapt and evolve. We continually re-invest in our business to make sure our products, services and technology work the way you need them to. We’re upgrading to make scheme administration easier, and to offer your people an easy and engaging experience with their pension.

The workforce is changing and businesses across the UK are seeing for the first time five generations working side by side. We’re here to help you understand your people’s financial needs. We want to help you address the challenges of managing a multigenerational workforce and make the most of the opportunities.

More about multi-generational workforces

Our innovation was rewarded at the 2015 UK Customer Experience Awards where we won best new product/product improvement for making the most of technology.

Auto-Enrolment Innovation of the Year 2014 (Professional Pensions Awards)
Auto-Enrolment Innovation of the Year 2014 (Professional Pensions Awards)


Award winning solution

Be a leader

We want you to be able to focus on driving your business forward, so we go the extra mile to provide the best quality solutions in the market.

We have a long track record of providing innovative ways to adapt to changes in regulation – including auto-enrolment and pension freedoms. And we want to empower you and your employees to understand what it all means for you.

Corporate Adviser Award logo
Best Group Pension Provider 2016, 2015 and 2014

Money Observer award logo
Best Workplace Pension Provider 2014

Technology Innovator award logoBest Digital Retirement Planning Solution UK

Show what you can do

Getting your message across and building your business takes time and effort. We aim to make life easier for you and your employees, so you can focus on your business knowing you’re in good hands.

We provide a clear way ahead - from learning about pensions and investments to managing your scheme; engaging your employees to helping them retire.

We want to make your experience a good one. If we can improve it, let us know.

I felt that my employees would be inclined to join due to Standard Life’s reputation

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Why we exist and how we got here

We've been around a long time, so we know a few things about running a business. We’re here to translate the complex world of pensions and investments, so that you and your employees understand your finances and feel confident about your future.

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How we can we help you

We don’t just do pensions. There’s a whole range of things we can do for you utilising different parts of the Standard Life group – and every one of them is based around great quality.

Not sure about auto-enrolment or where to start? We can help.

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