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Whether large or small, getting your workplace pension scheme right is important to both your employees and your business. We’ve been providing pensions for a long time – so we can help you understand things.

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Need to learn about auto-enrolment? Or a reminder of the detail? There’s a lot to think about so we’ve broken auto-enrolment into bite size chunks to help you digest it.

What is auto-enrolment?

If you're new to auto-enrolment, this is a really high level guide to what it is, who it affects and why it's happening.

Choosing Standard Life for Auto-Enrolment

You need to choose the right provider to suit your needs – here’s why you might want to choose us.

Employer Duties

Auto-enrolment means there are new things you need to do as an employer. We'll help you through it all, but first you need to understand what's expected of you.

The Auto-Enrolment Journey

There's quite a lot to do and you need to make a plan of action. To help you to do this we've outlined the journey, and how to plan ahead.

Working out who’s eligible?

Sorting your workforce and working out what you need to do with them is one of your key duties – we’ll show you what you need to do.

Costs & Contributions

Auto-enrolment is a new, significant cost to your business, and it can be confusing. It helps if you understand what contributions are and what other costs you might face.

Managing your scheme

There are several things you need to do on a regular basis once you've set up your scheme, and you can do them all through our online platform.

Auto-enrolment for payroll and accountants

If you're on payroll bureau or acting on behalf of a business as their accountant, we can help you set up auto-enrolment schemes that are easy to manage and meet your clients' needs.

Administering a set up scheme

When you set up a new scheme we’ll send you a link to some handy pages to help you administer your scheme and understand your obligations.

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